The year is currently 2782 and it is 10 years after the Great Inner Sea War. The war that the Pirate Vondell also known as the Pirate King, declared his independence from the Kraizia Empire. With his and his pirate companions Vondell founded the Free Mariners Empire and quickly became one of the wealthiest nations located in the inner seas. The islands vast supply of silver and precious gems is sought after in trade and conquest.

The Kraizia Empire to the West seeks to once again bring Vondell and his island nation under their banner once more. Though lacking the fleet that Vondell stole from them, they are stranded from making any effort to retake the island. Though to the East rests the Onupez Dynasty, a nation with its eye set to take the island for its own financial gains, though lacking the navel fleet, they seek to undermine the empire from within.

So be prepared for betrayal, intrigue, daring adventures and legendary treasure on your adventures among the seas!


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